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Lower Taxes for Real Estate Professionals

Melinda Tolbert & Associates is a Certified Tax Coach that works exclusively with the real estate industry. We focus on finding thousands of dollars in tax savings for all types of real estate professionals making $250,000 or more per year. Our tax strategies are highly effective for:

Real Estate Investors

We make prospering real estate investors even more successful by finding significant tax savings.

Real Estate Developers

Our accounting firm designs tax strategies that help accomplished real estate developers increase wealth.

Real Estate Brokers

We offer proven solutions to minimize tax obligations and maximize profits fro busy real estate brokers.

Real Estate Agents

Our proactive tax planning includes tax deductions, credits, and loopholes for real estate agents.

Start Saving Money on Your Taxes

Give us a call today to schedule a tax planning session at 706-507-2481. As a thank you for scheduling your planning session you'll receive our FREE Tax Planning Guide.